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((Post for continuing here. :) ))
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There's a building here, possibly displaced from who knows what universe originally. The general design is that of one of the steel and concrete dome homes that some worlds have developed. It's rather nice, really, now that it's been fixed up a bit. He'd had to have help with that.

Gate heads for the building, focusing for now simply on getting there. He could think of the rest later. All of it could be later. For now there was simply too much to do to allow himself to break down. There's a passcode lock on the door, which he easily unlocks - it's his lab after all - and steps inside.

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Gate has been busy. But things are starting to slow down now. The nanite-filled capsule has been programmed and there's really nothing more to do there besides wait. He found a way around the teleport shielding - and then told Techno and Middy how to sneak out as well.

Unfortunately, the only coordinates they have so far lead to Gemini's area on the moon, from one of the old Robot Rebellions. But it hadn't been that hard to find a way to amplify teleportation systems to reach it. And it had been something else to do.

But that was days ago, and Gate is getting bored again. At least this place has a nicer view than his lab - which has none. He types on some more notes and then opens another window with a grin. Activating the code to talk to Charlie, he types:

'Guess where I am.'

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((I wasn't going to continue with this, but i woke up with scene squirrels in the brain, so... here's what started as a short and scribbled rundown of the events of Gate's second day working in Reploid Research, and keeps threatening to grow. O.o ))
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((This was a little snippet in IM that was amusing enough that we decided to say it happened. Messenger names changed to protect the entirely-not-innocent.
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